10th CAA-Lecture (2018-01-31)
  • The Transparency Report as Signal for Audit Quality - Research Project I: An empirical evaluation of the utilization by clients (M. Moser, M.Sc.)
9th CAA-Lecture (2017-06-21)
  • Visit of Prof. Eugenio Caperchione (University of Modena, Italy & furthermore he is the head of the Comparative International Governmental Accounting Research Network (CIGAR))
  • Theme: tba (B. Dogge, M.Sc.)
  • Public Sector Accounting in an area of conflicts between HGB & SsD: Consolidated Financial Statements 2015 of the German state of Hessen (Prof. Dr. C.P. Lorson) from 01.30 pm in room SR222
8th CAA-Lecture (2017-01-18)
  • State of the art of business process compliance approaches: Overview and classification (Prof. Dr. Michael Fellmann) at 01:30 p.m. in seminar room 219
7th CAA-Lecture (2016-11-24)
  • Technical and administrative realities with the „glocalization" of IPSAS: a NZ observation; Publishing in international Journals: Personal experiences as contributor, reviewer and guest editor (Guest lectures of Prof. Dr. G. Grossi / Kristianstad University, Sweden)
6th CAA-Lecture (2016-11-02)
  • Evolution of EU Public Sector Financial Accounting Standardization: Critical Events That Opened the Window for Attempted Policy Change (Guest lecture of Prof. Dr. L. Oulasvirta / University of Tampere, Finland)

5th CAA-Lecture (2016-05-25)
  • The enhanced audit opinion in the context of key audit matters (Carolin Dürr)
4th CAA-Lecture (2016-04-27)
  • Impact of the concept of control according to IFRS 10 on banks's loan decisions (Wolfgang Maier)
  • Compliance in the Food Industry: Effect of Law Changes on Processes (Andrea Zasada)
3rd CAA-Lecture (2016-01-27)
  • Public Sector Accounting - Regime, Auditing and Impact (Bianca Dogge)
  • Cross-disciplinary joint project (Prof. Dr. P. C. Lorson)
2nd CAA-Lecture (2015-12-16)
  • Efficiency audit of processes in the industrial animal agriculture  (Prof. Dr. S. Hüttel/Prof. Dr. M. Leyer)
  • Development of a reference model for the compliance organization in financial industries (Prof. Dr. K. Sandkuhl)
  • Cross-disciplinary joint project (Prof. Dr. P. C. Lorson)
1st CAA-Lecture (2015-11-25)
  • Legal Standards for Internal Auditing (Prof. Dr. A.-U. Hucke)
  • Municipal Reporting (Dr. C. Wigger/R. Paschke)
  • Cross-disciplinary joint project (Prof. Dr. P. C. Lorson)
Brown Bag Lectures during winter term 2015/16

Members only: Brown Bag Lectures during winter term 2015/16

  • 25th of November 2015, 16th of December 2015 and 27th of January 2016

  • Between 13:30 and 15:00

  • Lecture room: 220